WhatsApp can now be used on up to five different phones at the same time. In an announcement this Tuesday (25), the company announced the new feature that lets you use the same account on one main mobile and four additional phones.

The novelty will complement the “Connected Devices” functionality, allowing you to use the same account on WhatsApp Web or the desktop app. However, with this new feature, the user will be able to add his own account to other mobile phones he owns.

This feature is part of an old request from users. The company reports that each companion device will be linked to a WhatsApp account independently, “providing end-to-end encryption of your personal messages, media, and calls.”

Same conversation on Android and iPhone

With the launch of the new functionality, WhatsApp users will be able to start a chat on one device and continue on another. According to the company, there are no operating system (OS) restrictions. Well, it will be possible to link the account on Android phones or iPhones (iOS) regardless of the host device operating system.

In this way, it will be possible to start a conversation on an Android mobile and end it on an iPhone and vice versa. While the measure aims to support users with multiple devices, it also strengthens the options for companies that have more employees and can respond to customers using the same account.

As a security measure, WhatsApp has added a tool that disconnects your account from all auxiliary devices when your primary phone is not used for too long.

Despite the announcement, The innovation will arrive in an update for all users globally “in the coming weeks”.

Also “in the coming weeks” the company claims it will launch an “alternative and more affordable way to connect to companion devices”. With this innovation it will be possible to include the phone number in WhatsApp Web to receive a unique code that will be used to connect to the device – at the moment it is necessary to read a QR code.

Source: Tec Mundo

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