The novelty presented by the British company iFi Audio, no doubt, will interest audiophiles. The Go device is aimed at those who want to enjoy superior sound or a Bluetooth headset. It allows you to capture almost any in-ear headphones, detect detachable cables, in a house-end.

The development of the company offers to buy Go in a set with modern “the best IEMS solutions, the most famous five”, and Go will also be available as a separate product. The package includes a charging key and two devices. To start using the novelty, you need to disconnect your cables from your cables and connect them to the sound port. The body of the device is rated at 12 grams, and its body complies with the IPX5 standard. It is stated that the autonomy of the device is at least 7 hours, and from the charge of the case – up to 35 hours.

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Such a decision, by definition, is fully justified if you need to get really high quality. In the case of TWS, it is possible to use the “system in a chip” principle, which will be integrated into the platform, see This is the sound quality. Each round is planned separately, which provides the best conditions for maximum quality. Ultra-low absorption and wide band coverage technologies are used.

Declared the presence of a microphone and Qualcomm cVc noise reduction technology for clear voice communication when connected to a mon. The touch panel of convenient management of modes of operation. In the “Go+IEM” version, you can buy 1000 packs. The cost, depending on the quality of the included headphones, ranges from $799 to $1,399. The Go modules themselves begin to be sold in early June at a price of 399 dollars.

Source: Tech Cult

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