The developer adapted OpenAI’s invention to run on the Java platform, allowing it to run on almost any version of Windows. The app is called JavaGPT and the source code can be found on GitHub.

JavaGPT is based on Java 8 and offers a user-friendly GUI for accessing ChatGPT and its features. FrankCYB developer specifies the following features of his development:

  • Chat flow: instant response generation as on ChatGPT website;
  • Chat history: interaction with previous chats as on the site;
  • Cancellation of messages: the ability to cancel previous questions and answers;
  • HTML Viewer: View chat content in HTML format with support for Markdown syntax;
  • Chat topics: automatic generation of a topic that can be changed manually based on chat content;
  • Import ready-made questions;
  • Saving the chat to a file;
  • Context menu with dark mode, copy, edit and paste functions;
  • Support for ChatGPT 4 and all ChatGPT 3.5 models;
  • cross platform;
  • The file size is only 6 MB.

Since JavaGPT is an open source project, anyone can download and view its code. However, systems older than Windows 98, including Windows 95, are not yet supported due to the use of Java 8 in development.

Source: Ferra

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