The stock macOS apps are highly optimized and rarely cause your Mac battery to drain quickly. If the laptop battery is coming at a fast rate, it might be all about external utilities, add-ons or add-ons.

How to quickly find resource-demanding applications that can be done with them, a laptop to work on a single charge.

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Keep an eye on resource-hungry apps with the battery indicator

The macOS operating system independently suggests that there are too many resources for one program or game.

You can see this data on the battery indicator in the menu bar.

Gluttonous utilities are in the department With high energy consumption.

To turn on the blood glucose indicator System Preferences – Control Center – Battery activate toggle switch Show in menu bar.

After that, you need to select resource-intensive programs through the battery icon.

Demanding programs appear in System Monitor applications

In order not to wait for the system to decide to notify about a “heavy” program, you can find out in real time which software consumes a lot of your computer’s resources.

Third-party utilities are not needed for this, a standard application will do just fine with the functions System monitoring. You can find it by searching Searchlight or Launchpad.

1. Launch the app and enjoy the investment Energy.

2. Sort by program column Consumption per 12 hours.

3. This is how you found out what your MacBook’s battery has been doing lately. You can also see programs that prevent the computer from going to sleep (column). Prevent your computer from going to sleep).

Such utilities are better completed after use and do not create in the background.

4. You can turn off the menu for each application to monitor the power consumption of different processes.

So, for example, in Safari The charge can consume a heavy site or an extension, in a complex file graphical editor.

What to do with gluttonous applications

There are several tips at once on how to moderate the “appetite” of applications that are actively draining the MacBook battery.

use alternative programs. You can almost always find a decent replacement.

Keep your apps up to date. Perhaps the developers have already eliminated the problem of increased power consumption and you just need to install the appropriate update. At the same time, refuse to install test builds and versions for education, they often contain unstable code and can discharge the body faster.

Opt out of auto-launching apps. It is better to select some resource-intensive programs before work and not allow them to automatically start when the computer is turned on. You can fine-tune the autoload settings according to our instructions.

Now you know how to increase the autonomy of your MacBook by working with strict requirements.

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