Shortly after it was developed with the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of ChatGPT, Bing offers some improvements in responding to Internet users searching for specific topics.. That’s what Microsoft revealed in a statement released on Friday (28).

According to the Redmond giant, improvements in providing answers from the mechanism integrated into the company’s search engine were noted. especially in research on travel and recipes. In both themes productive AI tool starts to deliver more accurate results.

Improvements have been made, especially in the field of recipes, by making use of the databases of content providers who are experts in their fields. Also, the browser started redirecting the person looking for suggestions to prepare a meal to the site with the tips.

In the latest update Microsoft Bing with ChatGPT, the big tech has also fixed some of the flaws that the search engine presented. Among them, the bug where the artificial intelligence does not recognize the content in the active tab of the browser when enabled in Edge’s sidebar has been fixed.

behavior fixes

The owner of Windows also reported that ChatGPT is working to resolve situations where it abruptly ends the chat using phrases like “I’m sorry but I prefer not to continue this conversation.” According to the tech giant, additional changes were made to reduce this behavior.

The AI-enabled version of the Microsoft search engine, now available to everyone, is available in Bing and Edge apps for Android and iOS. The tool is also available on the Edge homepage.

Source: Tec Mundo

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