The Detsky Mir structure opened beauty salons and veterinary offices in Moscow. Thus, the Zoozavr network decided to expand the format of retail stores. Until now, three offices and four salons work – in Moscow and Krasnogorsk.

Structure of Detsky Mir opened hairdressing salons and veterinary offices

The Detsky Mir press service reported on the opening of outlets for medical and cosmetic care for pets. The Zoozavr chain of stores has opened three veterinary offices in Moscow and four beauty salons in Moscow and Krasnogorsk.

In offices, veterinary therapists can provide advice and perform basic medical procedures. In the salons, a pet will be washed, tangles will be combed out, a haircut will be performed, eye and ear hygiene.

The Zoozavr network was created as a project of the Detsky Mir group of companies. As of August 2022, 86 retail stores of the chain operate in 49 regions of Russia.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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