While it may sound futuristic, the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) was coined in 1950, when it was predicted that a machine could simulate the learning and characteristics of human intelligence. At that time, there were various difficulties how these machines could construct their own language, construct concepts, and solve problems hitherto reserved only for humans..

The creation of new technologies is always welcome and very important for the development of others. What is important for the technology market is understanding how to extract the best part of a new solution in favor of continuous improvement of these resources. On the one hand, cybercrime also uses these tools. However, security solution manufacturers also need to be constantly on the lookout for frequent innovations, which are some of the pillars of cybersecurity in general.

One of these most famous systems right now is ChatGPT, which was created at the end of November 2022 and is quickly coming to the fore because of the detailed responses as well as the fact that it covers different topics in multiple knowledge areas.

Especially for companies that allow access to ChatGPT on-premises or in their solutions, it is important to establish a security policy and give appropriate instructions to employees so that they do not use private company information. tools. At this point, the best defense is employee awareness.

In order for this information to be properly controlled, companies that authorize its use must use the following information: application programming Interface (API) realizes internal development of a more custom solution by adopting efficient filters that do not allow indexing of sensitive items. This will be a future trend that will be embraced by many companies.

The use of artificial intelligence in innovative solutions for information security has also been a reality for some time. For example, Sophos created an artificial intelligence in 2017 to produce innovative technologies in data science and machine learning for information security. Deep Machine Learning included in the solutions endpoint – protection of machines, servers and mobile devices as well as firewalls and the entire product line.?ChatGPT is also implemented, for example, by performing malware behavior analysis and spam detection..

?Chat GPT-4, the next evolution of this system, is hundreds of times more powerful than GPT-3 and can create opportunities for the development of more complex solutions that will be needed to protect against new emerging threats – artificial intelligence.

With this in mind, Sophos is currently developing this new version for both our own solutions and the cybersecurity services we already offer to our customers. For example our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) can adopt a new vision for AI-powered threat hunting. Thus, many innovations will emerge in the near future and will be incorporated into new solutions in an accessible way to create a new age of data and information where artificial intelligence is at the service of all.

Source: Tec Mundo

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