The release of the updated film by Guy Ritchie – “The Translator” was filmed at the world box office.

In recent years, the director began to take an active part in the filming of non-standard films for himself. This time, he decided to consider a military history that almost closely exists with international realities, although its action was observed in 2018 in Afghanistan.

We are used to the occasional gags and jokes in Ritchie’s films, but this time he decided to go into a deeply serious movie. And it meets with the first shots.

We figure out if the director was able to master a new genre for himself and how he coped with this task.

Humanity is what separates us from animals

This idea of ​​Guy Ritchie runs through the whole story. He skillfully operates with numerous facts and competently presents the essence of events.

What is the movie about: John Kinley does not remember how he survived being surrounded by the enemy in Afghanistan, but he realizes that he burdened the life of a translator named Ahmed. He managed to fight off the wounded Kinley and pull him out because of a dangerous injury. Now a sense of duty does not give John an outcome and decides to risk everything in order to return for Ahmed and his family.

On the announcement of the collection of the hunt, he has to act alone, but he understands that he cannot leave his comrade in trouble.

In the center of the cluster are two military men: John Kinley (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Ahmed (Dar Salim). It is on their territory and mutual assistance that the whole story is built.

Two completely different people with personal problems, histories and cases of infection among other friends, from providing an unpaid debt. It is because of them that filmmakers have all the high concentration to remain human. Whatever the changes.

Through them Guy Ritchie shows the deep problems of the war and actualizes current problems in the world.

Richie likes to throw his characters into various scrapes or unusual situations and show how they get out of them. Only here it is presented in a slightly different way. “Live” episodes often border on mockumentary. This is accompanied by footage shot in the format of cuttings from reports, view panoramas from drones and end credits with real and present military operations.

Returning to their own script, the authors make an offer on their “chemistry“. And both actors do a great job with their need, making them worry until the very end. The intermittent hopeless war, similar in style to Dunkirk, gradually spills over into more joyful moments to increase oppressive productivity.

And once again it seems that now the soldiers have already achieved success, but the uncertainty of hostilities turns everything upside down again. And so Richie shows up quite often, giving a hero and, importantly, an interest in false hope.

The authors are not available without public stamps. In particular, the rough and invincible American military, which can unite opponents in the best traditions of Rambo and Tyler Rake. Their enemy, the TalibanA real group banned in the Russian Federation) are represented here by savages, requiring only blood and murder. They don’t have their own personalities, it’s just a mindless mass of suicide bombers.

The cruelty of war is proven very truthfully

Directors, screenwriters and directors were able to convey all the horrors of war. Even despite the unkillable heroes, we often encounter infrequent cases of cruelty. And some of them can even be disgusting to look at.

The authors of the nature of eternally oppressive products from the very beginning of hostilities until the end. You look and become uncomfortable. The same is felt not only through the phenomena, but also through the environment, where, it seems, there is no place for a peaceful life, and you are forced to be in constant fear.

Well, of course, there were references to Richie’s past creations. What is worth only one strong male friendship, which we have already seen in “Gentlemen”, “Sherlock Holmes” and other works of the author. There are also almost direct quotes from the paintings.

At the same time, we are subject to the actions of the old school, like the same “Tyler Rake” or “The Expendables”. A lot of explosions, suffering on the screen, endless masculinity and the relative ease of victory.

For the musical accompaniment, the composer Ritchie – Christopher Benstead is used here. If earlier the population had such music, then it will sound great now. The soundtrack perfectly accompanies the occurrence of events and the occurrence of accents.

Worth seeing

The Translator (more specifically, The Covenant or The Testament) is a good genre movie that has topics for thought. It differs from Richie’s past creations, but does not contain a recognizable handwriting.

There are good dialogues, and an interesting (albeit clichéd) plot, and high dynamics. This is the action movie that you want to watch from start to finish.

The official release in Russia will take place on June 1, 2023.

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