Indeed, there are foods that reduce the risk of heart disease. However, it is best to try to eat a wide variety of healthy foods.

Founder of Plant-Based Health Professionals UK, Dr. Shirin Kassam listed five foods that may be particularly effective in protecting against cardiovascular disease.

whole grains. Replace with refined foods (white bread, white rice, white pasta). Whole grains are rich in fiber and help control cholesterol, weight and blood pressure.

flaxseed. Just one tablespoon of these seeds a day lowers blood pressure. Also, a study published in the National Library of Medicine states that about four tablespoons of flaxseed a day can significantly reduce blood pressure readings.

Hazelnut. By eating 30 g of nuts a day, the risk of developing heart disease can be reduced. According to Heart UK, nuts are high in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fats, which can help control your cholesterol levels. Another powerful and beneficial ingredient is fiber.

soy products. Tofu, tempeh, edamame, soy milk are good for the heart. They are low in saturated fat, so they are beneficial for maintaining normal cholesterol levels. An excellent solution would be to replace it with soy products – dairy products, meat, heavy cream.

healthy drinks. Hibiscus tea (hibiscus) and beet juice help to significantly lower blood pressure.

News cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Consult an expert before making a decision.

Source: Ferra

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