Google’s Pixel Fold foldable smartphone It may be closer than you think. The 10th I/O is expected in 2023, it’s already featured in some renders and even in a video last week.

However, given the quality of the footage, it’s almost certain that the statements made by famous leaker Evan Blass came from Mountain View. Check out one of the previews below:

Images posted by @evleaks profile were reproduced by (29) on Saturday. Border and show a little space, almost imperceptibleIt’s the size of an ordinary tablet between the two halves of the device, with a 5.8-inch screen when closed and 7.6-inch when open.

The image shows the Pixel Fold transforming into a spaceless tablet. The image shows the Pixel Fold transforming into a spaceless tablet.

More explanation about Google Pixel Fold

Later, on Saturday (29), Blass revealed more about the Google Pixel Fold, this time adding some technical details: the device is 13.97cm high, 7.95cm wide and 1.21cm thick when folded. When unfolded, it “stretches” up to 13.97cm x 15.87cm x 0.58cm. Weight is 283 grams.

The camera has 9.5 MP each with dual pixel technology, 1.2 micrometers, f/2.2 aperture and 84º FoV field of view. The device is IPX8 waterproof and uses 2nd generation USB-C.

It is speculated that the device will use a Google Tensor G2 ship with ARM64 architecture developed specifically for Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. The price of the Google Pixel Fold should be in the range of $1.7k or R$8.5k at the current exchange rate.

Source: Tec Mundo

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