Computer accessories maker Razer will release a limited edition of Razersuperfuture sunglasses for gamers. They are equipped with photochromic lenses that protect against harmful blue light from the monitor.

Razer to release limited-edition sunglasses for gamers

The American manufacturer of computer accessories Razer has introduced a novelty – sunglasses for gamers Razersuperfuture. They were created in association with Retrosuperfuture, a brand that produces handcrafted eyeglasses and optical frames.

With a heavy frame and durable acetate frame, the glasses are equipped with photochromic lenses that protect your eyes from harmful blue light from your monitor. This can be useful when you are on the computer for a long time.

The Razersuperfuture will be released in a limited edition of 370 pieces. Each pair of glasses will be marked with a unique identification number. The device will cost the buyer $239.

In early April, Razer introduced a computer mouse that weighed 49 grams. His body is made of an ultra-light magnesium alloy and is shaped like an exoskeleton.


Kirill Bilyk

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