We know that since December of last year, the most popular music social network wanted to enter the world of video game streaming. And now we learned that TikTok is starting to test games for the app.

Currently, this new functionality is available for users in Vietnam, but it will arrive in other markets sooner or later, as reported exclusively by Reuters.

Apparently a representative TikTok acknowledged the existence of this new option to enjoy games on the platform. As he told Reuters, “We are always looking for ways to enrich our platform and regularly test new features and integrations that add value to our community.”

TikTok starts offering ad-supported games

This new idea Gaming platform on TikTok make the most of social networking. That’s why they added these ad-supported minigames from their parent company ByteDance.

To do this, they released a first game called. Garden of Goodness, A title very similar to FarmVille. Additionally, they teamed up with Zynga, the creators of FarmVille, to launch Disco Loco 3D, an HDML5-based game to work on the platform itself, exclusive to TikTok and similar to Netflix, at the end of the year. .

Of course, for now, you will have to be patient until you try the new functionality that will allow you to try free games on TikTok. More than anything because, as we mentioned, they are currently conducting initial tests in Vietnam before launching a global distribution.

The gaming industry makes a lot of money

However, the fact that the first tests are already underway is a sign that this new functionality that allows you to play games on TikTok is closer than ever. We can expect that they will launch the corresponding update globally in the coming weeks.

Additionally, We know that TikTok is working on a number of functions to be able to stream live. In order for many video game publishers to start using the social network to publish their content.

A very logical move on behalf of TikTok, which knows that the gaming industry is on the rise. If Netflix said its biggest competitor was Fortnite, not HBO Max, there was a reason. And it seems that the well-known musical social network wants to take its own share in a market that does not stop growing. Will it be able to break Twitch hegemony?

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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