Red Bull has built yet another crazy experiment in which professional BMX cyclist Chris Kyle performed a series of tricks at 600m. So the Red Bull Advanced Technologies team has to make parts out of composite materials, the weight of which remains a mystery.

The mass of the installation was still great, so Cameron Balloons laid out the Z-600 – a special balloon vsh This is a larger standard. When the balloon was inflated in the giant hangar, it rose only 1.5 meters before hitting the ceiling. But Kyle was delighted – during training, the bowl, suspended from the tap, swayed so that he was sick. And under the ball she hung evenly and calmly.


The cyclist Put on a Heavy Backpack with a parachute, Slim amounted to sag, the code was shortly l, the bowl oscillated in a vertical frequency with an amplitude of almost a meter. Because of this, Kyle had to, in fact, learn to ride again. But the most difficult was ahead – 11 months of waiting for perfect weather. In the process of performing tricks, there were difficult and frankly risky moments, but the result, according to the Red Bull team, was worth it.

Source: Tech Cult

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