Domestic electronics maker F+tech has bought two software developers, Kommersant has found. The company plans to carry out custom development and porting of applications for Russian mobile operating systems, including Avrora.

F+ tech bought two companies to develop applications for Aurora OS

According to SPARK-Interfax, on April 10, F-Plus Equipment and Development LLC acquired Avroid LLC. LLC “Avroid”, as indicated, is developing software for desktop and mobile operating systems. It also acquired Hyperus LLC, which develops IT infrastructure management systems.

Based on F+ technology itself, the company will tailor applications for the Aurora home operating system and other home operating systems. The manufacturer also plans to port these apps to its devices.

“We hope that the management of the development process can speed up the expansion of the application pool for this operating system, since there is not enough software on Aurora right now,” F+tech noted.

Previously, the company introduced a tablet and smartphone based on Aurora OS. It was also reported that the company is going to declare devices in the Russian product register, this will allow them to qualify for state benefits.

According to the source of the post in the IT market, only about a hundred applications have been ported for Aurora today.

At the same time, as market participants noted, today it is difficult to find developers of applications for this operating system in Russia.

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Earlier it was reported that Google’s strict licensing conditions cause concern at Rostelecom in connection with the development of Aurora.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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