The host of the Tech Reason YouTube channel compared the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy A33 smartphones in terms of speed. Samsung is powered by Exynos 1280 and has 8GB of RAM while Redmi is powered by Helio G96 with 8GB of RAM.

Of the two devices, Xiaomi started faster. But the difference is only 1 second. At the same time, settings opened faster on the Galaxy A33, and the Amazon app opened earlier on Samsung. Same situation with games: for example, Candy Crush, PinOut, Temple Run 2, PUBG loaded a little faster on the A33.

Overall, the test results showed the Redmi Note 11 Pro to be slower than the Galaxy A33. And this is noticeable when running both system applications and games. And basically in games the difference is 2-3 seconds.

Source: Ferra

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