There really seems to be no end to human ingenuity: circumventing inspections and authorities, wSmugglers hid Nvidia GPUs in live lobster shipments. information dexterity.

When it happened in Hong Kong, authorities stopped a van full of lobsters It is imported to China. The website claims that the vehicle may have been caught trying to cross the Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai Bridge, the longest sea bridge in the world, last week.

Nvidia GPUs in Lobster Load

According to information from the Hong Kong Government, the aim of the smugglers enter neighboring country and resell graphics cards, worth $76,500 (approximately 382k BRL in direct conversion). In addition to the mixed shipment of computer parts and crustaceans, the smugglers did not have any official documentation of the items being transported.

However, the most curious part is the seized cargo wasn’t even the last generation plates. Instead of focusing on the latest RTX powerhouses, the group was attempting to illegally enter China with a series of Nvidia Quadro K2200 cards dating back to 2014.

While Hong Kong officials have valued GPUs at tens of thousands of dollars, GameRant there is a different opinion. The site states in its report that with the total load, the slabs will have a market price of just $60 each. it comes in at just $4,300.

The reason why smugglers prefer Nvidia Quadro K2200, motherboards outdated for almost 10 yearsnew and powerful RTX instead remains a mystery.

Source: Tec Mundo

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