Experts recommend not including more than 50 g of sweets per day in the diet, and even twice the amount of this norm can cause an unusual hangover.

Symptoms of such a disorder, which can appear within a week or develop gradually over months, include irritability, bad mood, aggression, headache, loss of energy and shaky hands.

According to Zharovskaya, after eating sweets, the symptoms disappear for an hour and a half. However, attempts to maintain a good mood and performance with the help of sweets can cause serious harm to the body, especially the liver.

The liver is the place where all biochemical processes take place, including the metabolism of carbohydrates. Zharovskaya explained that with excess carbohydrates, the liver begins to turn them into fats, which negatively affects their function.

In addition, excessive consumption of sweets leads to arthritis, endocrine diseases and intestinal problems, increasing the risk of developing diabetes.

Source: Ferra

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