Among the most frequent harbingers of earthquakes can be distinguished seismic calm, a series of weak shocks and a change in the chemical composition of groundwater, the head of the seismic hazard laboratory at the Institute of Earth Physics. O.Yu. Schmidt RAS Dmitry Zavialov.

The scientist said that before a strong earthquake there was a seismic lull – either the shocks disappeared completely, or in a certain range of magnitudes. An earthquake can also be predicted if, in a short time, a “swarm” of weak earthquakes occurs in the region with their epicenters close to each other. The seismologist said the third messenger is a change in the chemical composition of groundwater. You can find out by drilling a well in the area where the earthquake is claimed.

The expert noted that sometimes before a strong shock, the slopes of the earth’s surface change naturally. Precursors of earthquakes can also be detected in the atmosphere – they can be particularly unusual flashes. Zavyalov said there are about 600 earthquake precursors in total. But the scientist stressed that none of this is 100% guaranteed to come after a strong earthquake.

Source: Ferra

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