Horror “Rise of the Evil Dead” was able to collect $ 114.8 million at the worldwide box office. Yesterday, the film finally appeared on digital platforms, and we managed to get acquainted with the novelty.

The stories why we were fully revealed with foreign critics and audiences who were left with the film in complete delight.

About everything in order.

Back to the roots

Rise of the Evil Dead is a sequel to the famous horror movie franchises created by Sam Raimi back in 1981. The movie has gained a cult following and received several sequels, the last one being titled Evil Dead: The Black Book came out ten years ago.

Unlike the originals, that film completely lost its humor and turned out to be as brutal and cruel as possible. The novelty of 2023 did not receive from the “Book” and received even more bloody.

What is the movie about: the story of the cursed book (which is strongly discouraged from reading) takes you to an apartment building in Los Angeles. The residents of the condominium, among whom there are two sisters who are reunited after a long separation, will have to face the absolute hell that they accidentally endured.

Do not say that the plot shines with originality. Movies, in general, rarely show the terrible possibility of a truly new idea.

After a peppy introductory scene, the viewer is waiting for a leisurely acquaintance with the main characters, or rather the heroines. Both girls are mired in their problems. One is raising 3 children alone, the other is pregnant and, apparently, does not know who the father of the unborn child is.

The viewer is clearly made to understand that the problems with the animators of this particular party, along with the children of the older sister. And the fact of the existence of a strong male character is distinguished by the excellent generating ability of hopelessness, which gradually develops on the screen.

Two fragile girls, children and a demon. What are the chances of this family wave? That’s right, none.

A cursed book and a plate with spells are given into the hands of one character 20 minutes after the start of the story, and quickly enough the thing for which the viewer goes to horror films begins – they begin to scare him. And we must pay tribute to the director of the picture – she can frighten qualitatively and variously.

Since they act locked in their own apartment and cannot get out of control, they use part of the possible events only for observation through the peephole. It’s a great directorial move. We are frightened not by what happens to the heroes, but by the fact that the heroes themselves begin to observe only the observed horror.

Degree of bloody madnessand the authors manage to make references not only to the original (saw and shotgun in place), but also to many other cult films that still scare.

However, the scene was not implemented. They are certainly self-sufficient, but fans of the genre will still remember, for example, films such as The Shining or The Thing. Horror fans cater to the needs of easter eggs.

Looks very impressive

The chase scenes got brash, creative, healthy, and nerve-wracking. They do have very violent and unexpected results. If household scissors for researchers have long been something that represents danger and pain, then a phobia for a vegetable grater can be obtained for the first time. Thanks to the authors!

But, the main advantage of the picture is actor play. Alyssa Sutherland, who played one of the sisters, is a true master of disguise. It turned out ideally from a simple tired of family life, but a loving mother, into a real fiend. A frightening ominous image that is not remembered after viewing.

Of course, there were no stamps. There are enough stupid acts of children and no less stupid recordings of Catholic priests on the record. The adequacy of their actions But, perhaps, this serious shortcoming in history.

When the third, most bloody act comes, you forget about the shortcomings. The authors begin to play on popular phobias and cat and mouse with the main characters. You get scared and scared, but you want to know this character, getting out of the bloody bacchanalia. Can anyone even?

Must watch

“Rise of the Evil Dead” is a solid, frightening, ideologically self-sufficient solid horror film. Against the backdrop of endless meetings with stupid, boring screamers of the same type, the novelty looks fresh and interesting until the very last minute.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that in terms of income, the picture is the best among all films in the franchise. The viewer missed the normal brutal action that tickles the nerves, and it is simply impossible to predict the story. It is for these emotions that we love horror films.

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