The standard sound control menu in macOS does not allow you to configure various sound scenarios, output a signal simultaneously with several receivers, and quickly switch between predefined parameter presets.

Third-party software should be used to solve the corresponding tasks.

How to Customize Audio Output on Mac for Different Receivers

1. Download utility Audio capture from the developer’s site.

2. Install the application and issue the necessary permission on demand.

3. Go to System Preferences – Privacy & Security – Security and allow the launch of applications from this developer. On a Mac with processors Intel and chip T2 It may be necessary to issue additional permission under this instruction.

The application will capture the system sound and because of this it is necessary to take action.

4. Reboot your Mac after all the operations done.

5. Run Audio capture and press “+” to create a new session.

6. Drag from sidebar block Application and select the desired program.

7. Add to application Output source from the sidebar and got where the sound was transmitted.

8. Set rules for other applications and click the button Run In the left corner.

Now the sound from the configured applications will be output to the specified receivers. These can be standard computer speakers, the acoustics of a connected TV, a headset, or a wireless speaker.

Sounds can stream simultaneously, making the Mac truly multi-tasking. For example, you can turn on video amplification on an external display, play music on your wife’s HomePod, and work and listen to everything connected with headphones yourself.

This is just a small part of the possibilities Audio capture, can record sounds, apply effects and work according to a schedule. The program works not only with audio outputs, but can also manage transparent inputs.

The application is paid, in the trial version after 10 minutes the vibration will be activated by background noise. The full version will cost $77in case of a foreign card.

You can always restart the program after 10 minutes or find an alternative version Audio capture.

Source: Iphones RU

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