A note written by a Google engineer states that the advantage of big tech companies in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly diminishing. Published on website Semi-AnalysisThe document quickly spread in the artificial intelligence communities, where it sparked debate among leading experts in the field.

Google employee highlights surprising progress of open source startups in AI. While the models developed by big technology still have an advantage in terms of quality, this gap is gradually closing.

The engineer claims that the community of companies that rely on publicly available AI codes and models is outpacing the big tech companies in terms of efficiency. for beginnings find ways to overcome the amount of data needed to train technology.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the authenticity of the memo, but stressed that this is the opinion of a senior employee and does not necessarily reflect the views of the company as a whole. In any case, the document shows that the dominance of big technologies over the industry may not consolidate as expected.

Impact of OpenAI

The document also talks about the impact of OpenAI, which came onto the scene with the release of ChatGPT. Other companies working with productive AI systems that can create content based on user prompts have also gained popularity and quality.

In response, Google released its own equivalent program, Bard. However, the note points out that these efforts may not be enough to win the race against open source developers.

OpenAI founder Andrej Karpathy likened the present moment to a “Cambrian explosion” in the evolution of life, claiming on Twitter that small AI companies are starting to significantly disrupt the industry.

Source: Tec Mundo

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