Since yesterday, Apple has the ad space on its App Store. The ads now also appear on the main screen of the marketplace, as well as in the “You may also like” section, that is, the one with the applications proposed according to the user’s taste.

The rollout of commercials ran into some complications… to say the least. In the first hours after the new ad spaces were introduced, many users reported seeing ads that contradicted Apple’s “family-friendly” philosophy.

Numerous developers and users have the appearance of gambling advertising. Paradoxically, the ads in question would also appear under the pages of apps designed to help people with gambling addictions. It seems that most of the “controversial” ads are concentrated in the “maybe nice” section.

But the problem isn’t just with casino apps. There are those who claim to have received advertisements for adult apps after visiting pages that are supposedly designed for children, such as those for the Disney+ app. In particular, Apple would tend to show ads for: adult chats or dating sites.

In short, it’s clear that Apple needs to put its algorithms to work to prevent these kinds of embarrassing incidents from happening again. In the meantime, the company has announced that it has completely discontinued its ability to sponsor applications that promote gambling, along with other categories of apps aimed at mature audiences.

Source: Lega Nerd

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