It’s only on Mother’s Day that we need to remember how a mother’s routine is drawn! More than ever before, this new stage in a woman’s life should have access to technologies that keep up with her.

Applications helping mothers with personal and professional organization It is a great example for first-time mothers or for those who have been on this path for years.

So find out which platforms fulfill this role and delight thousands of mothers already!

1) Google Keep

Anyone who is a mother knows that the mental burden of remembering all of her and her children’s tasks and appointments causes a lot of fatigue. The Google Keep app is a great solution in this case!

The platform works like the famous notebook, but can accompany you anywhere. You can save tasks, create checklists, save recordings and photos through the app.

There is still a bonus: you can share it with other family members to distribute responsibilities and not be a burden to anyone! Available for Android and iOS.

2) Pregnancy+

We have an indicator for Mothers experiencing pregnancy journey, whether for the first time or not. With the Pregnancy+ app you can help make a baby list and much more!

The app predicts the baby’s due date and compares the baby’s weight and height to fruits, vegetables and animals to visualize its development. All screens with easy-to-read icons!

The application for expectant mothers can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store. Its paid version also offers kick counter, track plan and contraction timer.

3) Moms Out of the Box

Motherhood is a sensitive period for women. Having a support network is essential for the mother’s physical and psychological health. That’s exactly what the Mães Fora da Caixa app is for!

Discussion groups bring reports of real motherhood, with their curiosities, doubts, fears, and happiness.

The proposal of the application is to strengthen the support network among women with different motherhood experiences.

In addition to exclusive content, Mães Fora da Caixa provides meetings for mothers living in the same area to connect through their profiles in the app. It can be downloaded for Android and iOS.

4) Baby’s Breastfeeding Diary

The Baby Breastfeeding Diary is another of those apps that helps mothers not to think alone and not have an overload of functions. The platform helps control breastfeeding, bottle feeding, expressing and introducing solid foods.

Notes and reminders also include diaper changes, sleep times, and baby development data such as height and weight.

The application is only available for iOS devices, but for Android there is a similar and reliable platform, Baby Diary – Breastfeeding. Worth checking out!

5) Sleep Baby Sleep

A peaceful and rested baby is also a happy mother. The technology used to create the Sleep Baby Sleep app performs this function by providing a bank of sleep called white noise.

Sleep Baby Sleep app is available for Android and iOS.

Just choose which sound emission you want your baby to hear to help them sleep soundly. There is even an option for uterine sound, hair dryer and running water.

6) I vaccinate

Minhas Vacinas is an app created by the Brazilian Vaccine Association in partnership with Pfizer to monitor the vaccination schedule.

Moms can download it to mobile phones, tablets and iPads. always have the vaccination history of the whole family at handalso get reminders for the next date.

The current immunization schedule is synonymous with healthy mothers and children.

7) BLW Brazil

You know those cute videos of babies and toddlers eating healthy food with their bare hands? Presumably, such food is based on the promotion of food with the BLW approach.

The BLW Brasil app teaches moms and dads to learn safe and easy techniques for introducing solid food into their little ones’ daily lives. The app has over 500 recipes made by nutritionists, it’s worth checking out!

8) Wow mom

The final app recommendation to help mothers with their routines is the Brazilian platform Ow Mãe. pp’s idea is to connect parents who need safe transportation for their children and mothers/dads trained for this function.

So far, the Ow Mãe app is estimated to serve the entire Paraíba Valley and will serve the capital city of São Paulo and the southern region of the country in 2023.

Do you like the application tips? Now you need to make sure that you or your mom’s cell phone can run all these apps! Check out the list of 5 gift options for moms who love to read. Technology World made for you!

Source: Tec Mundo

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