As recently explained by the well-known leaker Digital Chat Stationthe new brand products redmi they come from time to time with different features, specifically from the performance area to a balanced experience, and it seems that the company’s next devices will focus on the former in particular. Lu Weibing Redmi recently talked about how the next generation should really come out with great specs.

The CEO also had the opportunity to talk about how the names can be confusing due to the very different outputs, with i Redmi Note 12 which should provide maximum performance support and be competitive in the next market segment, although the following devices to be released the Redmi Note 11T According to the leaker, the entire series will exploit the potential of the Dimensity SoCs MediaTekafter we talked about how all the models the Dimension 8000comparable to the performance of Snapdragon 870

According to what leaked, although at the moment it is good to grab everything with pliers and wait for official news from the Chinese giant, the next device will offer a joke from 144 Hz LCD typewhich can be especially interesting because of the fairly high refresh rate, even compared to the standard of many phones, which instead opt for the very smooth 120 Hz. The series should consist of Redmi Note 11T Redmi Note 11T Pro And Redmi Note 11T Pro +

The base model in the pro version should offer a 6.6-inch display with dimensions of 163.64 x 74.29 x 8.8 mm, with a 4300mAh battery for the Pro+. In any case, all that remains is to wait for official news from the company, which should be able to present itself in the short term.

Source: Lega Nerd

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