The Russian procession of the Elbrus family, developed by MCST engineers, and the Baikal line, created by Baikal Electronics, the specialists were very professionally experienced.

First of all, the best market “Chip and Dip” will bring to the market the technological model BE-T1000, which is the best brand of Baikal-T1, for which it was 8900 rubles – this was 55% of the net cost. At the same time, representatives of Baikal Electronics noticed that these are chips that have been released for a long time, lying in warehouses, and they are not loaded for selling prices as a set – for the formation of price tags for the speed of loading components.

Processing of

How to identify industry analysts that have arisen cases of distribution with a multiple increase in demand for domestically developed processors from manufacturers of server equipment, storage systems and French computers, as well as with the transfer of production of Baikals and Elbrus from Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC to other convinced enterprises.

It is correct that Baikals and Elbrus cannot be called red-brown, as well as the real models of chips developed at MCST and Baikal Electronics. Judging by the entire production, mainly by the phenomena of the evolution of semiconductor products abroad, as well as logistics chains.

Source: Tech Cult

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