Xiaomi president Wang Xiang revealed the brand’s smartphones during a talk with investors. is getting more and more expensive. Alongside the high prices in Brazil approaching R$10,000 on Xiaomi 12, the company has increased the value of its products in China.

The concern was raised with the release of the company’s latest financial report. an increase of 14% The value of smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer from the beginning of last year to the beginning of 2022.

it was inevitable

This is because, according to Xiang, cutting-edge parts and features are being added to devices that are happening with increasing frequency. In this way, the models naturally become more powerful and more expensive for the consumer due to the cost of manufacture.

The manufacturer promises to continue to offer affordable handsets and continues with a large active user base, but acknowledges the change in positioning. “As we install more and new technologies on smartphones, we need more advanced support in hardware. Therefore, the average price of mobile phones will continue to increase,” explains the executive.

this way?

Xiang did not elaborate on how much this affects the price or the involvement of other factors such as the semiconductor shortage in the industry, pandemic isolation measures and political crises such as the war in Ukraine.

While the statement is mainly aimed at the Chinese market, Xiaomi’s transformation from a cheaper brand to a company that launches premium products is notable in Brazil: Here, Xiaomi 12 was launched a few weeks ago. 9,499.99 BRL.

Image: Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T

Source: Tec Mundo

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