Oneday, the education startup of 30-year-old Taras Polishchuk, has raised $6.2 million in investment, writes Forbes. European venture funds participated in round A. The startup’s valuation is not disclosed.

The British startup of the Russian Taras Polishchuk raised 6.2 million dollars in investments

Investments were provided by Ananda Impact Ventures, Scandinavian, as well as previous round participants from Outward VC, Flint Capital and Brighteye Ventures.

Oneday develops a course platform for aspiring entrepreneurs. At the beginning of the year, the company received accreditation from the European Student Points System for the development of an educational program or course (ECTS), after which it launched its MBA program. It consists of the content itself, as well as individual tutoring.

Students gain access to the entrepreneurial community. After completing the program in 18 months, the graduate receives an accredited European diploma. The show is curated by former Harvard dean Stephen Koslin.

In the new realities, where the rapid development of AI technologies directly affects the business landscape, Oneday helps to gain real business experience, which is often lacking in the classic education system, Oneday says.

The project team studied the state of mind of the British and found that more than a quarter admit the impact of AI on their work in the next 5 to 10 years. So the founders came to the conclusion that in the near future opening their own business will be more profitable.

“Obviously, AI is basically taking over the daily work, and at Oneday we see this as a great opportunity to refocus our society on solving humanity’s problems by creating new businesses,” says the Oneday partner. by Polishchuk, Ranbir Arora.

Change your approach to finance and start investing – you can find a great selection of training programs in the catalog of investment courses.

Taras Polishchuk was born in Izhevsk and graduated from the Moscow State University Higher Business School. Since 2011, he worked at the consultancy Ward Howell, after which he became a director of Talent Equity Ventures.

Polishchuk and Arora founded Oneday in 2020 in London. In the same year, the project received the first investment in the amount of £750,000. In April last year, another £2.5 million was invested by European funds. This year, Polishchuk became a nominee in the Forbes ranking of the 30 most promising Russians in the Entrepreneur nomination.

Previously, former Yota boss Denis Sverdlov’s UK startup Arrival raised $300 from Westwood Capital.


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