SPGMTU specialists have developed the world’s largest industrial 3D printing, which allows printing with metal powder – this is the installation of a direct laser growing plant called “ILIST-2XL”, a demonstration of which will take place on May 22 during the exhibition called “Metalworking-2023”.

This 3D machine allows you to grow products with a large diameter of 2200 mm and a height of 1000 mm. And it was possible for two robotic arms that could be used to release items without small booths.


The movement of the emerging product, performed by a single-axis positioner, detecting a load capacity of eight tons, and an automatic control system is responsible for ensuring that the technological “printing” of the heads and all the peripherals work synchronously.

Based on the results of tests and pilot operation of ILIST-2XL, developments continue in order to create advanced equipment for the production of large-sized parts used in the nuclear power industry. For example, in the prana a similar printer falls out – a baffle of a VVER-TOI type reactor – this is a product with a diameter of 3.5 meters and a mass of about 8 tons.

Source: Tech Cult

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