Apple’s new plan with iPhone that will hurt Samsung a lot

Apple has a plan that could hurt Samsung hugely, and everything happens through iPhone screens.

Apple wants to deal a heavy blow to Samsung

Apple and iPhone are almost entirely dependent on Samsung for one of the most important aspects of the device: screen. For years, Apple has been looking for a new display supplier to reduce its dependence on the Korean brand, but without success. But it seems Apple finally found a plan to reduce reliance on Samsung.

It seems Apple’s plan is to bet on micro LED technology by producing its own displays for the iPhone.. This is something that has never been done on an iPhone or any other Apple device, as the company always buys panels from third parties.

Apple is getting involved in the mass production of next-generation displays to reduce its dependence on rival Samsung and increase its own control over the supply of a key component.

The screen of an iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone screen is a very important component that Apple wants to better control.

Apple wants to manufacture iPhone screens and these will be micro LEDs

As he reported Nikkei AsiaApple plans to make its own microLED displays to reduce its dependence on Samsung and increase its own control over supply, laying the groundwork for its ultimate goal of bringing this technology to iPhones.

According to sources, Apple has spent at least a billion dollars researching and developing microLED technology over the past decade. the goal is nothing but manufacturing iPhone screens. Apple won’t be alone in doing this as it partners with ams-Osram for microLED components, LG Display for substrates, and TSMC for the wafers required for its manufacture.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 together

Apple wants to make an iPhone screen

Apple’s ultimate plan is to introduce technologies to justify the investments it has made over the years, its main source of income and the much higher volume iPhone.

screens micro LEDs generally have some interesting advantages over OLED panels. On the one hand, consume less energywhich is very important on devices such as iPhone and other they are much thinner. They also offer pure blacks, like OLED screens, that don’t distort or burn because they don’t use organic ingredients.

Despite all these investments, iPhones aren’t expected to use micro-LED displays anytime soon. Rumors suggest that we won’t have an iPhone with a micro-LED display until 2025, and nothing guarantees that it won’t be delayed any longer. So, although things could change in a few years, right now Samsung is still the only option for Apple.

Source: i Padizate

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