Skyscrapers, the American New York will meet, it can drown its foreseeable bem. Few people think about it now, but the massive growth of skyscrapers is causing significant subsidence. This process began to accelerate with the growth of high-rise construction, although an average drawdown of 1-2 millimeters per year was recorded, which can be wide. Similarly, due to geological markets, we may see more and more catastrophes.

However, high rates of increase in the incidence began to occur not only in New York, but also in other cities with the demolition of skyscrapers. The problem is aggravated if skyscrapers grow on the coast or near a reservoir. The most pliable are soils rich in clay. Some types of soils can recover, and bedrock sinks the least. Irrigation works and groundwater pumping increase the negative effect and bring closer the moment when the city literally decreases to go underground.

It is also interesting that two processes are going on in New York – subsidence of soils and the level of ocean rise. Climate models that predict sensation flooding tend not to capture the first value of the process. In addition, the rate of soil subsidence is higher than high than sea level. Consequently, flooding can begin much earlier than expected. Sciences

Source: Tech Cult

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