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27 tech news to start your morning up to date


EU fines Instagram 405 million euros, for mishandling the data of minors. Calderilla for Facebook and more…

In addition, European organizations are going to demand 5 years of security updates and 3 years of system updates mobile device manufacturers.

Huawei announced to be a day ahead of Apple Support for satellite calls on Mate 50.

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technology news

European Union fines Instagram 405 million euros for managing data of minors. Read news

Update Google Chrome now: Google will fix a serious security vulnerability with a mandatory update. Read news

In Europe, at least 5 years of security updates and 3 operating system updates from smartphone manufacturers are required. Read news

Remove these applications from your Android mobile right now, they contain a dangerous trojan designed to steal banking details. Read news


Huawei will be ahead of Apple and the iPhone 14 by announcing satellite support a day early with the Mate 50. Read news

Here’s what the new POCO M5 and POCO M5S look like: MediaTek processor and 5000 mAh battery for the entry range. Read news

Very common activities that shorten the life of your mobile phone and which you should avoid. Read news

computers and tablets

An incredible Stranger Things gaming PC that would impress Vecna ​​himself. Read news


The Apple Watch Pro is coming with a mysterious extra button and an unexpected screen size.. Read news

This new Scandinavian smartwatch combines Amazon Alexa with SpO2 skills and an improved heart rate sensor. Read news

This new Scandinavian smartwatch combines Amazon Alexa with SpO2 skills and an improved heart rate sensor.

AirPods Pro 2 coming with iPhone 14: specs, price and everything we know Read news

How to learn English or any other language as an adult. Read news

7 signs that you are malnourished. Read news

Brown noise, the latest trend to sleep faster and better. Read news

entertainment and games

LG launches NFT buying and selling platform for smart TV users. Read news

SkyShowtime, Paramount and Universal’s service, is coming to Europe and we already know the release date.. Read news

SkyShowtime, Paramount and Universal service

Some ad-supported cheap Netflix subscription dates leaked: that’s what’s known. Read news

‘Rings of Power’ breaks all records for Prime Video views, does it surpass ‘House of the Dragon’? Read news


The Eye Civil Guard, the British police force, admits to using Waze to create false radar warnings. Read news

Highlights from the first eSkootr Electric Scooter Racing Championship. Read news


[CH] eSkootr Electric Scooter Championship – Highlights

How long do you have to wear L after getting your driver’s license? Read news

science and culture

How long is the minimum living income in Spain? Read news

In Poland, they find a “vampire” buried 400 years ago, with a sickle around his neck so that she does not rise from the dead. Read news

Translate What Your Cat Says and Understand What Your Dog Barks: The Last Science Paper of the Year. Read news

yawning cat


After 10 months of testing energy generation with tides and waves, CalWave was a success.. Read news

Turn plastic into diamonds, the latest scientific application of X-rays. Read news

Curiosities of the day

Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia… This map shows what a nuclear bomb will do to your city. Read news

JetSuit flying suits reach the army and emergency services. Read news


[CH] Gravity flight suit in combat

It was technology roundup of the day. Have a good day!

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