The release of the long-awaited film “Furious 10” took place at the global box office.

This is the penultimate film of the saga if Vin Diesel is proven to be ill. But, as you know, popular franchises live as long as there is demand for them. And something tells me that the 11th part we will not separate.

Especially since Vin Diesel himself recently said that Universal released a trilogy from the original series finale. However, he does not specify whether the plans of the studio will come true.

Anyway, it shouldn’t be a secret to anyone that Fast & Furious 10 ends with a cliffhanger.

We have already reviewed the novelty and are in a hurry to share our impressions. Have the authors been able to refresh the franchise with a new villain or have they stalled on one level? We understand.

Speed, drive and Jason Momoa

Opinions begin and the first strongly disagree. Experts are not flattering about the market, and users, on the contrary, buy money.

So, on Rotten Tomatoes, Fast and the Furious 10 has a rating of only 54% freshness, which is equal to failure, but the audience put it at 87%, which brings it closer to success.

What is the movie about: The plot tells about the confrontation between Dominic Toretto’s family and the villain Dante, played by Jason Momoa. He is the son of drug lord Hernan Reyes, who was shot by DSS agent Luke Hobbs in the fifth part of the series.

Let’s get clean right now. This is Fast and Furious, and you know exactly what to expect from himif previously past parts. No more, no less. And in general, this could be the end of the review, but still I will share my impressions.

starting with 5 parts, the franchise completely changed course. If earlier we needed street racers, there was everything for a car and a race, then the course changed to near-espionage operations, gang wars and robbery films. Many did not like this direction, but in general, the fans remained closed series.

Here the authors decided to update the formula. There are a lot of wheelbarrows here, they are all expensive and ostentatious, but no emphasis is placed on them. Before us re-act another drama about family values.

It feels like ChatGPT is based on past 9-series experience. And it will most likely continue to be so. The franchise doesn’t need a strong plot, it’s not about that. It’s about unexpected pew pow, explosions, dangerous stunts and all that.

And it is completely unclear to me why the authors introduced a huge number of features into the story.

Hardly in 2.5 hours they do not disappear more often from them, and some secondary storylines do not find their logical outcome. And this is not because we are waiting for at least one more film. And for the reason that they simply do not allocate a certain time. It seems that they were added stupidly to stretch the timing.

In most cases, we meet with an almost targeted set of doodles that we don’t give a damn about. The old team also did not cause delight – they are the same as they have always been. And closer to the finale of the film, it does not change in any way, although for a borderline picture this would be a completely logical outcome.

Jason Momoa’s Dante is the icing on the cake.. Here the leader gave a franchise of something completely new, the whole Grand Finale series is tied up on it.

This is an extravagant, eccentric (or goofy) “Aquaman” in ridiculous costumes, who likes to act out of the ordinary, like painting the nails of corpses. He is reminiscent of the image of a cross between two Jokers from The Dark Knight and Suicide Squad at once. He has his own logic, motivation and awareness, but at the same time he is insane and does not always give an account of his actions.

With Momoa the authors are real hit the bull’s-eye. His character catches and makes you watch the movie to the end. This is perhaps the most interesting person acting in the picture. It’s worth watching the new “Fast and the Furious” just for him. This goofy antagonist literally grabs all the attention, even eclipsing Vin Diesel with his already fed-up morality about the family.

Crazy ride

There is nothing to talk about here, in general. Before us is another action in which physics went out the window.

Personally, I have long called “Fast and the Furious” an analogue of Marvel. Only these superheroes do not have superpowers – the whole world works according to their own laws for them.

Trying to get to the bottom of what is allowed is a thankless task. There are two possible ways here:

1. You turn off your brain completely. and enjoy inadequate endless explosions, chases and fake firefights, where development is unlikely to ever greatly harm the main goal

2. You just don’t go to this movie. because above it

“Furious 10” did not stand out at all from the background of the previous parts of the series. This is the same set of boom-fuck-bang with harsh views and incredible tricks that defy logic. This is what he still clings to this day.

Perhaps only the scene after the credits can surprise the audience. She is only one, but what a!

Clock or not? Kamon, it’s “Fast and the Furious”

This phrase immediately sounds to everyone as it should: this is either good news or a sentence. Either you are a fan of the franchise and go with joy to watch the next “combat” part, in which there was too much action, but no more than usual.

Either you don’t watch this movie because it doesn’t offer any value to either the series or the global climate in general.

In my opinion, Fasageur 10 is a solid criminal, respecting the plot and overloaded only with fast events, which draws Dante and a few good jokes. But on the other hand, this is a fun, laid-back movie, to which you come just to relax, turning off your brains. No older and no better than the previous parts.

PS In Russian cinemas, the film is already on May 25.

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