Spring and autumn are when these parasites become particularly active and can await us not only in the forest or in the fields, but even in the countryside.

According to experts, ticks can be anywhere: in forest parks, cemeteries, on the territory of sanatoriums. They can enter your home with clothes, pets, and even flowers you bring from your cottage.

But do not panic: if you follow simple rules, your chances of encountering a tick will be greatly reduced.

First of all, give preference to light-colored clothing – it is easier to detect parasite on it. Trousers are best tucked into socks or shoes so ticks can’t get under them. And don’t forget to protect your neck and head.

In addition, it is important to apply special means – repellents to clothes. They drive away ticks. But remember: If it’s damp outside or you sweat a lot, repellent can be “washed off” quickly, so it should be used frequently.

Another important tip: Check yourself and your friends every 15-30 minutes. If the tick has not yet adhered to it, it is easy to remove it and prevent the bite.

Finally, don’t forget your pets. They can also become victims of ticks. To protect them, you can use special collars and sprays.

Source: Ferra

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