Google will give life to old Android devices, especially the Pixel. Big tech works on a native video recording feature, cameras that allow smartphones to be used as dash cams have been placed on car windshields.

Phones can record in the background for up to 24 hours. The news was discovered by the site. 9to5Google. A security app was updated in a test and accidentally uploaded to the Play Store, giving spoilers for what could happen.

To save space, the app uses compressed video. The user can also change the screen to another program such as maps and leave the camera recording in the background. It can also be connected via bluetooth to light up when the vehicle starts..

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Another option given when using Pixel as a dash cam is audio. The security app update brings the option to record or not record sound coming from inside the car.

After three days, the recordings are automatically deleted. It is necessary to save certain videos that the driver wants to keep.. The cell phone also stops shooting by itself after a whole day.

There are already other dash camera apps for devices with both Android and iOS operating systems. However, they take up a lot of space and overheat mobile phones. How Google will address this last issue remains to be seen.

Source: Tec Mundo

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