Exciting Investigation The The newspaper “New York Times And Washington Post claims to be spyware Pegasus was found on the phone of Mexico’s Deputy Minister for Human Rights Alejandro Encinas, a longtime ally of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as well as at least two members of Encinas’ office. While there is no conclusive evidence pointing to the culprit, this is because Encinas has been investigating alleged abuses of power by the military since 2018, including the infamous disappearance of 43 students in Iguala in 2014.

The Citizen Lab research team at the University of Toronto discovered Pegasus in a 2022 audit. Mail. According to him, Encinas’ phone was hacked more than once. Time, including last year when he led a commission to investigate the disappearances of Iguala. He blamed the tragedy on the police, the army, some officials and drug dealers. Encinas apparently informed Obrador of the spying in March, but has remained silent ever since.

This was reported by the NSO group. Time in a statement that it investigates “all credible allegations” of misuse and terminates contracts when it finds problems.

At a press conference, Andrés Manuel López, Obrador minimized the alleged espionage and does not believe the military is to blame. However, corruption critics Angela Buitrago and Eduardo Bojorquez are concerned that the Mexican military could use Pegasus to retaliate against Encinas, indicating a lack of effective government oversight of the process.

Source: Digital Trends

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