Home app store RuStore will adapt the site to work on TVs and set-top boxes by the end of the year. The market will also open monetization tools for individuals, the VK press service said.

RuStore will adapt the interface for TV at the end of the year and will launch monetization for individuals

The company announced the possibility of monetization for developers who are registered as freelancers. It will be possible to earn on the platform through in-app purchases and subscriptions, as well as by publishing paid applications.

A version of RuStore for TV and set-top boxes will appear during 2023, and the interface for tablets will also be adapted.

Developers will be able to increase their audience and publish different versions of their products on a single RuStore console.

In addition, the platform will launch its own analytics and testing services, and offer developers tools to promote their products.

Previously, applications from foreign publishers were added to RuStore, which, as part of the sanctions, revoked the licenses of the Russian segment of Google Play.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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