when you think about Tina Turner, the singer who died this Wednesday, May 24th, it’s normal to remember her for her work on huge music stages. A woman with incendiary power on stage, able to lift thousands of people with the notes of her voice and cause surprise with her appearance on stage. In this context, perhaps not everyone who knows your name will remember your work in Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome.

This film was released in 1985 under the direction of the man who was in charge of four parts: George Miller. The last feature film in this franchise was Mad Max: Fury Roadreleased in 2015. In it, Charlize Theron played Furiosa. Why is this name up for discussion? The female figures in the narrative universe raised by Miller had a corresponding space. In this sense, Tina Turner had her in the third part.

Tina Turner shared the lead role with Mel Gibsonone of the most important action movie characters of the 80s and 90s. Gibson gave life max rockatansky, who starts out as a cop in a post-apocalyptic world and ends up becoming something of an anti-hero. His purpose? Take care of yourself as much as possible and respect the memory of your wife.

Tina Turner Aunt Mistress
and an iconic theme in the saga Crazy Max

through the saga Crazy Max, The earth will become depopulated. Gradually, the landscape is freed from buildings and everything becomes deserted. This is a metaphorical device by its director that suggests that even people become empty. In this arid environment appears Tia Ama, a character played by Tina Turner.

In a feature film Aunt Mistress leads business city, a community that is somewhere in the desert. She is a character who is in complete control of everything that happens around her. A link that scares but seduces; capable of negotiating in some cases and being ruthless in others. This may partly explain her aesthetic: at various stages of her career as a singer, she sported bouffant hair more typical of a lion than an actress.

But this is another symbolic detail that can be connected between the singer and the co-star. Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome. If “Aunt Mistress” looked like a lion, it was because Tina Turner was an artistic beast on stage, capable of roaring like that. There is a lot of that wild, untamed power of the king of the jungle in his character in front of the camera.

Classical We don’t need another hero

That’s why, when the time comes, he is ruthless when he meets Max. Before her, he is forced to pass various tests. After overcoming them and saving his life on this trip, Tia Ama agrees to make a better deal for him. However, later in the film, this intention turns out to be perverted. The main character again has to fight for his life, up to exile. Throughout this segment, Tina Turner appears before the viewer as a strong figure with character, the strength of which is manifested not only in the physical, but also mentally.

The last description broadly matches, or at least is similar to, what could be said about the singer when she was on stage (outside the stage, her personal life was more complicated). She left perhaps the most recognizable theme of that film franchise, a kind of classic of the 80s: We don’t need another hero. In the work, you can hear different nuances of his voice, especially his strength.

This song goes well with the whole narrative sense of the saga. Crazy Max: in that world it is no longer about heroes, but about the ability to trust each other. This is looking to the future of the next generations. For those who, perhaps someday, will listen to this musical theme and go to watch one of the most important sagas in cinema.

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