Most of the immigrants in 2022 (6,003 people) came to Finland from Russia, RBC reports, citing data from the Finnish statistical office. They indicated that the current figure is a record for at least 30 years.

In 2022, a record number of Russians moved to Finland in 30 years

According to the statistics service, in the first years after the collapse of the USSR (1992-1995), 1.7-2.6 thousand people moved from the Russian Federation to Finland every year, and after that – until 2021. , the number of immigrants from Russia was not more than 3.1 thousand per year.

Sweden (2,599 people), India (2,420), Estonia (2,387), the Philippines (2,251), Ukraine (1,533) and Turkey (1,503) ranked second in terms of the number of immigrants to Finland in 2022.

In total, almost 50,000 people immigrated to Finland last year.

According to Rosstat, in January-September 2022, 419 thousand people left Russia (for the same period in 2021, 202 thousand).

The FSB also cited its data, according to which, in the period from July to September, almost 70% of all trips (9.7 million) Russians abroad went to Abkhazia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Finland.

As previously reported, Russians accounted for a third of Georgian immigrants in 2022. Compared to 2021, immigration to Georgia increased by 25.3%.


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Source: RB

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