An impressive breakthrough and scientific study by researchers from the National University of Singapore and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, who said they have developed a process capable of generate video from brain scan. Research published on the preprint server arXiv.

Using a process called functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers Jiaxin Qing, Zijiao Chen, and Huang Helen Zhou combined imaging data with a Stable Diffusion deep learning model to create smooth, high-quality videos.

The fMRI process typically uses oxygen-dependent signals (bold) and captures images of brain activity every few seconds. This will result in poor video quality. The standard video capture rate is 30 frames per second.

“Understanding the information hidden in our complex brain activity is a huge puzzle in cognitive neuroscience,” Qing said. “The task of recreating human vision from brain recordings, especially using non-invasive tools such as fMRI, is an exciting but challenging task.”

His team achieved high video quality with their Mind-Video model. Described as a “two-module pipeline designed to bridge the gap between image decoding and video brain”, its fMRI decoder progressively learns from received brain signals by learning from image databases and fine-tuning.

According to them, the result was high-quality videos with motion and scene dynamics with 85% accuracy.

Qing says their work promises future applications for large models “from neuroscience to brain-computer interfaces.”

Shinji Nishimoto, a neuroscientist at Osaka University, says that one day these processes could be used to capture thoughts and dreams.

The average person has up to six dreams per night, but forgets 90% of them within minutes of waking up. The prospect of fixing a permanent record of dreams is exciting.

Source: Digital Trends

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