Short video service TikTok will introduce its own AI-based chatbot called Tako, writes The Verge. The bot is designed to recommend users based on their likes.

TikTok started testing its own chatbot Tako

The company that owns the service has launched tests of a chat bot that, in addition to its basic functions, can answer questions and maintain a dialogue.

The company has yet to reveal which AI model was used to create the chatbot. Experts say that after its launch, the search and navigation system in the app may change significantly.

The company itself says that the project is still in the experimental stage, the chatbot is not available to residents of the US and Europe. At the same time, users in the Philippines can try the trial version, according to the company’s Twitter account.

According to attorney Josh Gerben, TikTok applied for the Tako trademark for the chatbot software some time ago.

Despite the US actively fighting the Chinese app, TikTok continues to gain popularity around the world. The service was in the top five in 82% of markets.

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Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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