Jacob Rodríguez Úsuga, 45 years oldBorn in Tierralta, Córdoba, S is a well-known man in the region; actually last week Urabá was distributing anchetas and gifts to the children of Antioquia.

“This was no ordinary toy. These were remote control cars, branded balls and big dolls. “He tried to win over the public and therefore their silence”An investigator from the National Police told EL TIEMPO.

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Rodríguez Úsuga, also known as Atilio, is known in the region as the cousin of the ‘patrón’. Dairo Antonio Úsuga David, ‘Otoniel’Serving as the head boss of the ‘Gulf clan’, he was captured in October 2021 and extradited in 2022.

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‘Atilio’ became the trusted man of Jobanis Ávila Villadiego, alias Chiquito Malo, who replaced ‘Otoniel’ in the ‘clan’ and appointed him as the person in charge of transporting the cocaine that the criminal network negotiated with the drug cartels. and Europe.

In this regard, the Police stated that ‘Atilio’sResponsible for guaranteeing cash circulation by adapting vehicle compartments and ensuring cash flows exceeding $1.1 billion per journey“.

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Actually, They accuse him of transporting around 15 tonnes of cocaine a month, making him a high-value target. On behalf of Colombian and US authorities.

The so-called ‘boss of bosses’ of the ‘Gulf clan’‘ was caught during an assault operation carried out by the police in the Carepa rural area of ​​Antioquia. Jungle commandos of the Anti-Narcotics Directorate surprised him and uniformed officers positively identified him, although he identified himself as José Manuel Manco Cartagena.


The dossier states that the captured individual “was responsible for coordinating the shipment of cocaine hydrochloride from the sea ports of Urabá Antioqueño and the Colombian Caribbean Coast.” In Central America, transit and final destination are the United States and Europe.”

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And cocaine was being shipped by different methods, notably “contamination of containers by shipping and direct deliveries.” approximately 15 tons of cocaine per month to other drug traffickers“.

In this regard, the Police accuse ‘Atilio’ of coordinating the transportation of illegal drugs by speedboats to Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

The investigation against ‘Atilio’ revealed that he was responsible for money laundering schemes resulting from drug trafficking through connections and private networks through money delivery via smurfs and token methods.

The main money laundering points were located in Medellín.
Chigorodó, Carepa and Envigado.

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Therefore, it generated approximately $44,000 million in annual revenue.
coin mode
“said the police.

According to investigators, ‘Atilio’ also used other forms of laundering, such as the purchase of real estate such as farms to store cash totaling more than $4,000 million, and the use of cryptoassets to circulate capital resulting from drug trafficking payment. .

“He will continue to purchase land worth $5,000 million as an asset placement scheme and market live animals through shell companies, purchasing 600 head of animals in each purchase,” police said in the file. he emphasized.

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And he delegated the responsibility of making multiple cash payments at strategic points to his close circle. in shopping malls and bank correspondents for amounts exceeding $1.4 billion..

It has been ordered Purchase of high-end and cargo vehicles worth $1.5 billion as means of payment for drug trafficking activities.

The possibility that an extradition request may be requested by the US authorities is not excluded.

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