With Microsoft ending support nearly a decade ago, Windows XP got a new revival with the cracking of the activation code.as reported on website tinyapps Lately. This will allow you to safely perform new system installations, but there is a trick.

According to the publication, the algorithm used by the Redmond giant to verify product keys has been cracked and brought back to life by independent researchers. The result of this, Possibility to generate new activation codes valid for this OS version.

Thus, users who want to install the software on their devices for various reasons achieve this without great difficulty. The process of generating the codes happens even though the tech giant has disabled the servers for this task.

But to install a fresh clean copy of Windows XP, device cannot connect to internet. As explained in the post, the entire process of installing and activating the system, first launched in 2001, must be done in offline mode for it to be completed successfully.

Is it worth using Windows XP in 2023?

as you remember RecordThe Windows version released in the early 21st century had some security issues in its heyday. For this reason, It may not be a good idea to use it in 2023, especially if you are going to access the internet from the device on which the software is installed..

However, in certain situations, such as computers with older hardware that is incompatible with later versions of the system, it may be necessary to use an older version of Windows. It’s also possible that some specific software will only work properly on older versions.

If this is your case, it’s worth noting that a few browsers compatible with Windows XP still work, such as Opera 36 and Seamonkey 2.49.5, although some sites may not open. As for security, previous antivirus versions such as Avast also work on the system marked with a classic wallpaper, helping to protect the computer.

Source: Tec Mundo

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