The newest iPad Air on the market is almost 100 euros off

The 5th generation iPad Air crashes on Amazon at a very interesting price.

iPad Air 5th generation discounted at Amazon

Apple’s iPad is one of the most relevant electronic devices of the last decade. Of course, since its birth, it has continued to be the leading selling tablet in the market, above any other competitor that dares to compete. Now, it’s not exactly a cheap product. Some iPad models can cost more than 1,500 euros.

Fortunately, there are many from Amazon and other sales platforms that allow us to get an iPad at a much cheaper price. Deals like this 12% off a brand new 5th generation iPad Air. We saved a total of 94 Euros above its original price for the next generation iPad Air (released in 2022) with great performance.

iPad Air 2022 (64GB)

2022 iPad Air: Pros and Cons

Really, the only downside we found on this 2022 iPad Air is that it only has 64GB of storage. A lot of storage space is already taken up among the occupants, apps and photos. There is no intermediate 128GB option for this model., there’s only the 64GB iPad Air and 256GB more. The downside is that the 256GB version is a bit expensive at 869 euros (discounted). In this case, we recommend using iCloud services for 0.99 euros per month to store photos and videos in the cloud.

iPad Air 2022 (256GB)

For the rest, it’s a tablet with all its advantages. First of all, it is the latest model of iPad Air. Therefore, it has renewed designa processor M1 very (but very) powerful 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera with center bezel and 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display.

It is a very light tablet, very light in weight and very comfortable when consuming multimedia content. Its performance allows you to open multiple applications and run the heaviest resources with system barely iPad shaking.

And now, for this price, the 2022 iPad Air is a real head-turner.

iPad Air 2022 (64GB)

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