Apple’s 34th annual developer conference, WWDC 2023, begins June 5th. probably start with keynote address absolutely historical. The company is expected to announce its augmented reality glasses, presumably named Reality Pro, as well as new operating systems, new software, new products, and some updates.

face to face keynote address Loaded with news where there’s likely to be a flurry of news, it can be a little tricky to keep track of every announcement, every rumor, and every leak. This is a summary of everything we can expect from WWDC 2023.

Reality Pro glasses for mixed or virtual reality

Apple’s virtual or mixed reality glasses have been in active development for more than five years. In theory, this is the next market they want to enter and revolutionize. The company has delayed its exit several times, changing strategy, direction, and even goals. Expected that WWDC 2023 We see them for the first time, although they will not go on sale right away. We estimate that they will arrive in 2024.

Dozens of rumors Reality Pro glasses – as they are supposed to be called – will have a light and minimalistic design, which will make them much more convenient to use. Presumably, they will not weigh more than 200 grams. They will be made of aluminum, glass and carbon fiber. In theory, the design will be similar to that of other competing virtual reality glasses.

they will have package An external battery that can be carried in your pocket and connected to your device with a USB-C cable. The autonomy is rumored to be two hours, but when using external batteries, you can connect others and increase the use time.

The glasses will be virtual and augmented reality with two high-resolution 4K Sony microOLED screens with a 120º field of view. They will have 4,000 ppi and 5,000 nits of brightness to support HDR content.

The virtual reality goggles will have more than ten cameras that will capture the movements of the hands, arms, legs and facial gestures. In addition, they will be able to scanning the pupil as a biometric security measure. They will also be able to detect the movement of each finger and be able to type on a virtual keyboard.

The short-range LIDAR cameras and sensors, like on the iPhone, will also record the entire environment around the user. Thus, they can be used with augmented reality applications.

Reality Pro glasses they will work regardless of iPhone, Mac or iPad. They will have two M2 processors, one for high performance and the other for sensor efficiency above all else.

They will work with a new operating system called xroOS, with an iOS-like GUI that the iPhone runs. Apple is reportedly developing separate apps for the new device, including Safari, Photos, Messages, Apple Music, FaceTime, Maps, and more. All of them will be optimized for 3D interfaces and will be able to run 2D iPad apps through the 3D interface.

Apple will also work with developers and publishers video games to adapt them to the new virtual/augmented reality glasses. In addition, they will offer accessibility options for watching TV shows and movies through the Apple TV+ app. In addition to working hand in hand with Disney and Dolby.

15-inch MacBook Air coming to WWDC 2023

Finally, there will be a 15-inch MacBook Air that retains the design of the new MacBook Air M2 and uses the same processor as last year. The device will have the same features as the 13-inch laptop, but with a larger screen.

There’s no word on speed or performance improvements to the M2 chip as part of the 13-inch MacBook Air’s annual update, or whether announcements will focus exclusively on the 15-inch version during WWDC 2023.

Mac Studio M2

Mac Studio with M1 Ultra processor (2022).

It is possible that Apple will introduce an update to Mac Studio that includes the M2 Ultra and M2 Max chips. In 2021, equipment aimed at the professional market was introduced and it was a resounding success due to its power, size and price.

Mac Studio will keep the same design, but will feature new processors that will average 20% to 30% more power.

iOS 17 / iPadOS 17

Undoubtedly, Apple will introduce new versions of each of its operating systems for each of its products during WWDC 2023. The most important in terms of volume is iOS 17, which runs on iPhones.

iOS 17 will improve the overall user experience after the changes made in iOS 16. This includes more and better features for the lock screen. They will also add a new feature to turn the device into a connected home display when placed horizontally on a charger or stand.

In addition, there will be improvements to the Control Center, more features for the dynamic island, a diary app, improvements to the Health, Wallet, Search, and SharePlay apps. In addition, there is finally a new CarPlay interface with functionality built into iOS 17.

But the big innovation of updating the operating system is the ability to install applications without going to the App Store. This will be done in accordance with European law and will likely be limited to that continent.

As for iPadOS 17, the variant of Apple’s tablet operating system, it is likely that even more differences from iOS 17 will be shown during the WWDC 2023 keynote, and it will increasingly focus on supporting the operation of professional applications such as Final Cut Pro. or Logic, recently announced for the iPad.

It’s also possible that widgets for customizing the lock screen, the Health app, and more are finally coming to iPad thanks to iPadOS 17.


xrOS will be Apple’s virtual/augmented reality operating system for Reality Pro and will be shown in detail during WWDC 2023. Like the company’s other devices, it will have its own apps, its own GUI and its own app store.

It will most likely have an iOS-like GUI with on-screen elements that can be controlled with gestures, gaze, and paired with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. xrOS, together with glasses, can, for example, virtually expand the Mac screen.

Among the announcements to be made for xrOS will be all the application development tools for the new operating system.

watchOS 10

watchOS 10 is coming with a major GUI change and new features. Widgets for Apple Watch will appear, which will focus on Looks – special features for displaying information in a few seconds.

watchOS will allow these new widgets to be added to any face. It will also be possible to customize the use of the digital crown and side buttons in such a way that other functions can be accessed, and not just installed applications, for example.

VDK 2023

Other announcements during WWDC 2023

Other minor announcements will be made during WWDC 2023 such as new versions of tvOS for Apple TV or software enhancements homepod. The keynote is likely to feature the first vehicles to support the new CarPlay, Apple Pay-related announcements, and new developer tools.

When is WWDC 2023?

WWDC 2023 will be held June 5-9, 2023 at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. hypertext will be present at the event during the keynote and subsequent demonstrations.

The inaugural conference will be webcast and you can also follow it live with us for the schedule. You can follow our news here, on our website and on our social networks, including TwitterInstagram, YouTube and TikTok.

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