After the presentation Apple Vision Pro V keynote address opening ceremony of WWDC 2023, one of the most anticipated opinions was the opinion Mark Zuckerberg. And we didn’t have to wait long to meet them. Meta’s CEO held a meeting with his employees and made it clear that he thought the new product not so revolutionary as the apple ones say.

edge He had access to the statements of Zuckerberg, who did not miss the opportunity to punish the Apple Vision Pro for its price. But he didn’t stop there. He also took the opportunity to point out that Cupertino representatives did not find “magic solutions” to the limitations that the Meta has struggled with before.

It’s clear that Zuck’s intent was to mark territory and make it clear that while the Apple Vision Pro may be on everyone’s lips today, they didn’t come to rock your world. In addition, he argued that the views of both companies on the application of mixed reality in everyday life are very different.

“From what I saw initially, I would say the good news is that they don’t have any one-size-fits-all solution to any of the limitations of law and physics that our teams haven’t explored and thought about yet. They went with a higher resolution screen, and with all the technology they put in there to power them, they cost seven times as much and require so much power that they need a battery and a cable connected to them in order to use their. made that design compromise and it might make sense for the use cases they’re pursuing.”

Mark Zuckerberg on Apple Vision Pro.

When Mark Zuckerberg talks about how the Apple Vision Pro “costs 7 times as much,” it’s clear that he’s comparing it to the new Meta Quest 3 that was announced last Friday for $499.99. In addition, the businessman did not miss the opportunity to highlight who have sold “tens of millions of quests”and that its mission is to innovate to keep its products as affordable as possible.

Mark Zuckerberg, Apple Vision Pro and Metaverse

How could it be otherwise, the CEO of Meta spoke about the benefits of the metaverse. And he assured that his promotion of this technology is aimed at promoting new ways of social connections and interaction. In addition, he stated that, unlike the Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest promotes physical activity and “does something.”.

“Every demo they showed was of a person sitting alone on a couch. Perhaps this is a vision of the future of computing, but this is not what I want. There is a real philosophical difference in how we approach this,” he said.

Mark Zuckerberg’s words sound quite expected. And not in vain. As shocking as the launch of Apple Glasses is, it was logical that the Meta would come out to present the case for being the first to learn the technology.. Or that he will demonstrate his strategy for building a virtual, augmented or mixed reality ecosystem, starting with affordable hardware. After all, they were the most obvious points of attack on the Apple Vision Pro.

It’s also true that the Meta’s bid for a metaverse hasn’t been particularly successful so far. Horizon Worldsthe virtual platform of those from Menlo Park has decisively failed to capture the attention of users. And storage issues affect both software and hardware.. Although the Meta Quest 2 is the world’s best-selling VR headset with a circulation of over 10 million units, it was reported in 2022 that more than half of them were no longer in use after just 6 months of purchase.

It is unlikely that Apple will respond to Mark Zuckerberg’s statements about Vision Pro, let’s not even forget that during the presentation of glasses, Cupertino representatives did not mention such terms as “virtual reality” or “metaverse”. What is clear is Meta and Apple are going to feed each other in a very interesting dispute in the coming years. Call it the metaverse, virtual reality, or space computingThe tour promises to be very exciting.

Source: Hiper Textual

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