The iPhone (and pretty much every smartphone) could stand still because of this new European law.

The EU wants to renew the world of mobile phones by planning the return of removable batteries to improve the ecology.

Removable Batteries

Do you remember a few years ago? The batteries of our mobile phones are easily removable, so replacement and maintenance were much easier. Later, due to design and comfort, the battery started to be welded together with the back cover, so now it is almost impossible to even see it.

However, this situation seems to change again. The European Union regulates the mobile market (For example, the EU has announced that it will ban Apple from imposing limits on the speed of these cables). And now it looks like it will start enacting batteries, something that will completely change the design of smartphones.

Accessible and replaceable batteries, new requirement of the European Union

After managing the new policy stating that all Smartphones must have USB-C, The European Union wants to continue changing the world of mobile phones to make it more even. What’s next now? It looks like there will be Batteries trying to be accessible and replaceable.

In this new law, It is stated that the central point should be accessible and replaceable batteries.. This law mentions:

Design portable batteries in devices so consumers can easily remove and replace them. Easy to remove and replace for a fairer market.

removable battery

Looks like we’ll be back to the times of removable batteries

What does this mean? European Union plans that mobile phones should have batteries that are easy to access and removebecause the plan is more ecological than anything else, because more recycling is planned and some materials are used that are very polluting to the earth.

In fact, although the most vocal policy of this law is the battery policy, actually has strategic and ecological planningwith a few points to highlight:

  • More collected: European Union governments the need for waste collection in the form of batteries or energy devices. This plan states that 70% of mobile and portable batteries and 61% of means of transportation such as skateboards, bicycles and even cars should be collected.
  • Recovery of materials: but it’s not just about that collect waste as it needs to be processed. The plan envisions recovering 81% of recovered lithium and 95% of cobalt, copper, lead and nickel. All this for the year 2031.
  • After recovering these materials, it’s time to recycle them for a better ecology. Even private companies that want to create their own recycling methods can take place here. Estimated recycling percentages will be announced when the law comes into effect.

As in the previous law, ‘essence’ is already fully approved. Now all that remains is to write the text and submit it for voting so that the publishing process can be carried out on a country-by-country basis.

Source: i Padizate

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