That’s what users use their Macs for

Most users prefer Apple laptops for education, personal and business use.

A CIRP report revealed the usage given to nearly all of Apple’s computers.

We each put our devices for personal use, but have you ever wondered what other users use their Macs for? Don’t worry, there is already a report with information about it. How do people use almost all Apple computers?.

It has recently been announced which is the best selling and most popular Mac today, and with the latest information presented by digital agency CIRP on the use of the bitten apple for computers, we can understand why. The MacBook is in the lives of millions of Apple users.

According to the CIRP survey, 85% of people who own a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro use it to: educationand only 15% have an iMac or Mac Pro for that purpose.

for him personal useMacBook Pro and MacBook Air are preferred because they have 85% of users, while iMac and Mac Pro have 15% of users.

Finally, 83% of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air users use these computers for work. business and 17% of users need iMac and Mac Pro for this purpose.

Mac mini and Mac Studio were not included in the survey, presumably due to very little information received about these computers. By, CIRP decided to focus on 4 other computers.

Use of Apple computers

Graph showing the results of the survey on how much people use their Apple computers.

Currently Apple is already known to be working on a MacBook Air with M3 chip, which is likely Apple to expand laptop market and this will increase the popularity of MacBooks among users.

However, another item that is missing in the scoring and should be emphasized is use for creativity or content creationevent that most likely desktop computers can generate a bit more numbers in their favour.

Source: i Padizate

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