with new Apple Vision ProApple is changing Steve Jobs’ approach to product development. In accordance with bloombergcompany developed an exclusive division for its virtual and augmented reality viewer called Vision Products Group or VPG, with its own software and hardware development team and the person who has sole responsibility for managing this project: Mike Rockwell.

Is a strategy very different from what the company is pursuing with the iPhone, iPad or Macto name a few. In fact, with the exception of the Apple Vision Pro, none of the products have their own division. All of them are developed thanks to the work of one hardware department, headed by John Ternus; one for software development, where Craig Federighi is a top manager; and one for content that will be in the hands of Apple’s services division, led by Eddie Cue.

Apple Vision Pro, in essence, has an exclusive division since 2015, asserts the above environment. It was called Technology Development Group (TDG) until the company decided to change its name to Vision Products Group after the headset was officially announced.

We reiterate that the Vision Products Group has a dedicated Apple Vision Pro development team that includes people in charge of hardware, software, strategy, computer vision, content, application development, and project management. Curiously, this whole team thought that as soon as the viewer came out, it would merge with the corresponding department, but in the end this did not happen.

Separate subdivision for Apple Vision Pro makes special sense

This change in Apple’s strategy could make sense for several reasons. First, this is a completely new team in the company’s product catalog. Therefore, an exclusive division for its development can help to customize the first generation product with more advanced features than what we see in other Apple devices. The firm also doesn’t seem to allow people who design iPhones, iPads, or Macs, which are hugely successful products, to dedicate their efforts to the Apple Vision Pro, which may not have the same reception.

In any case, a division of the Vision Products Group, also collaborates with other Apple departments. Among them are the company’s M chip development team, as well as the design, operation and software team. Mainly because the Vision Pro uses components that are found in other Apple hardware, such as the M2 chip. Also, because in this way the viewer can have continuity with the company’s product ecosystem.

In addition, the fact that the name of the division: Vision Products Group, is in the plural, suggests that the company will work on more than one mixed reality viewer. We’ve already heard rumors of a cheaper Apple Vision Pro with less performance, although there are no more details about it.

Source: Hiper Textual

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