The most important element of success Apple Vision Pro it will be the availability of apps, games and “space experiences” on visionOS, its operating system. AND Unity It intends to establish itself as one of the preferred platforms for developers to port their software to the new space computer in the area.

That’s why we’ve just launched a beta program specifically designed for Apple Vision Pro. Now you can apply to be part of the first wave of Unity developers producing custom content for Apple Vision Pro. headset It will be released in the US in early 2024.

The beta version of Unity for visionOS will include more than just tutorials, templates, and even sample apps. In addition, the platform claims that it will be possible not only to create applications and games for Apple Vision Pro from scratch, but also import existing projects that run on this engine.

Unity promises to offer developers the best of both worlds. This means using tools like XRI (XR Interaction Toolkit) and framework AR Foundationand combine them with Apple Vision Pro technologies. Thus, for example, it will be possible to take advantage of features such as go throughwhich allows you to see the environment through cameras or renderingwhich focuses real-time rendering only on the objects the user is looking at.

For those interested in participating in the Unity Beta for Apple Vision Pro, all you have to do is enter your information on this form. An interesting element to consider is that in addition to developing virtual, mixed or augmented reality content, the platform will also allow create ports mobile apps or games.

Unity wants to play a critical role in the future of Apple Vision Pro

To take advantage of Apple Vision Pro, Unity offers a technology called polyspatial. In fact, the company claims that through this tool, Apple Arcade games are already adapting to the new platform.

Mike Rockwell, Vice President of Vision Products Group, spoke about the possibilities of Unity. “Unity-based games and apps run natively on Apple Vision Pro, giving them access to innovative visionOS features such as low-latency transfer and high-resolution rendering,” he said.

From my side, Mark Wittenfrom Unity Create, expressed his hope for efforts to bring Unity-based content into Apple Vision Pro, and for everything to work harmoniously, no matter what technology interoperates with Apple Vision Pro. headset Apple. “We had to work from scratch so that our creators could easily discover possibilities. First of all, Unity applications can exist in a common space with others, integrating with RealityKit and visionOS,” he said. TechCrunch.

Currently unknown When will the first Apple Vision Pro development kits ship?. The hardware is expected to reach developers long enough to allow them to port their apps and games to the platform before the product debuts in the US early next year. For now, anyone can try out the visionOS SDK on a Mac as an initial look at the device’s software capabilities.

Source: Hiper Textual

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