This is the most hacked password type and I recommend you do not use it

There are those who continue to rely on their pet’s name and short and simple phrases to protect their data!

Users don’t always take the time to create a strong password

Many companies, including Apple, are focusing on implementing protocols that will ultimately lead to the expiration of passwords. These initiatives stem from the need to provide more secure methods to protect information and avoid the complex task of leaving it to users who do not always take this requirement seriously. Thus, following the trend of recent years, It remains the most used and also the most hacked type of password.

Payment services provider Dojo announced the results of the study it sponsored to identify the most attacked passwords in the world. After analyzing more than 100,000 breached passwords from the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC), organized the results into more than 30 categoriessuch as sports, colors and cities.

Endearing words and pet names are the most chosen passwords

Most attacked password categoriesAdditionally, the number of breached passwords containing a word or phrase belonging to that category is as follows:

1. Pet names/terms of affection: 4,032.

2. Names: 3,913.

3. Animals: 2,112.

4. Emotions: 1917.

5. Food: 1,662.

6. Colors: 1,450.

7. Bad words: 1,268.

8. Actions: 991.

9. Relatives: 723.

10. Car brands: 606.

11. Cities: 505.

12. Brands: 477.

13. Countries: 463.

14. Sports: 457.

15. Religions: 341.

16. Hobbies: 314.

17. Time: 313.

18. Beverages: 268.

19. Social media platforms: 253.

20. Zodiac signs: 204.

The report includes the following passwords: Pet names and terms of endearment are the ones that come under attack more often than others. These passwords use words and expressions such as “love”, “baby” and “angel”, “Sam” (313), “Anna” (300) and “Alex” (240). During “Dog” (354) and “cat” (265) are among the top hackable animal-themed passwords.

Despite Passwords shared by Dojo are not secure and not as easy as passwords shared by the NordPass platform, according to a report shared in May of this year.. NordPass evaluated a massive collection of up to 3TB of data with independent researchers to determine the most used passwords around the world, and incredibly, “password” came in first place, ahead of “123456” as the world’s most popular password. He achieved the same position in 2022.

According to NordPass, Spain also has its own list. It should be noted that the password “hello” is located in position 12, the password “tequiero” is located in position 15, and the password “realmadrid” is located in position 22. But there are also many other pearls like “tup”mother”, “gemeliers”, “m“or” or “no deal”. Imagination has no limits, gentlemen.

How to choose a strong password

Security protocols recommended There are some yes and no questions when determining our password.. Even if many people don’t follow it, a reminder doesn’t hurt.

What to do when creating a password

  • Creates a combination of special characters, numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • Look for a long password of at least 8 to 12 characters.
  • Use multi-factor authentication.
  • Use a password manager.
  • Change your passwords periodically.

Things not to do when creating a password

  • Do not use personal information in your passwords.
  • Avoid obvious letters or numbers.
  • Do not share your password.
  • Don’t automatically save your passwords in your browser.
  • Use different passwords on your accounts.

Source: i Padizate

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